Orchid Green 兰香大翠
Orchid Green 兰香大翠
Orchid Green 兰香大翠


Orchid Green 兰香大翠

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Harvest: 2017 April

Type: Green Tea

Region: Guizhou, China

Taste: flower, nut, grass


Type: Green Tea

Region: Guizhou, China

Notes: flower, nuts, grass



Temperature: 75ºC

Tea leaves: 3 g

Water: 200 ml

ancient tea tree in guizhou,china

Orchid Green is made of premium "white tea trees" grow in mountain area in Guizhou province. Picked in early spring, around  April 4th (Qingming, 清明节), when the first sprout leaves of this year grew out. Hence, Orchid Green absorbed nutritions from the whole winter and tastes fresher and richer.

Orchid Green is handmade gently into beautiful flowery shape, it is an eye candy while you brewing it. 

Orchid Green is best choice for you enjoy the taste the spring.